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Restoring communication

Group of adults in lounge

I miss you in my life and you are still important to me

Growing up, we are not taught what to do if family/whānau or friends use alcohol and/or other drugs. Sometimes we have to think of our own ways to fix things. And sometimes the ideas we think of are different to those of our family/whānau and friends.

Often, we come up with ideas under very challenging circumstances, so conflict is not unusual. Generally, we all have similar aims though.

There are two important aims that most people can agree on.

  1. The first aim is to ensure that the family member using alcohol and/or other drugs has a functioning family to return to.

  2. The second aim is to build coping and resilience within the family to aid their challenging journey.

Have you thought of restoring communication with family/whānau or friends?

We have provided a sample letter in an editable format that might help you write one for your own unique situation. It can be personalised however you like, but could be a helpful starting point.

When you have made it right for you, just email it; or print it, sign it, and pop it in the mail.

Download DOCX • 597KB


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