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Answers to some of the more common questions asked regarding Family Drug Support or its services. If something isn’t clear feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

What if I can't afford the 5-Step Programme?

We use grants to cover the majority of the cost associated with offering the 5-Step Programme, and request only a small contribution from you. For people who are on mid-high incomes, we request $210 for the entire programme of five 1-hour educational counselling sessions. For people on low incomes, gold cards, students etc, we request just $95. If money is tight, we are happy for you to pay it in instalments if it will ensure you receive the support you need. However, if even that is not manageable, please contact us directly to discuss your situation, as we don't want anyone to miss out on getting support due to finances. If we have received donations, we may be able to help out more.

What do you do with my information?

We only use your information for the purpose we need it, and it is only accessible to the people who need it.

For example, if you are doing the 5-Step Programme, we keep your contact details in a secure database so we can communicate with you. We pass these to your Accredited Practitioner so they can take you through the programme effectively. They then allocate you a unique code, and subsequent 'data' they collect from you is attached to this code so it is not identifiable.

We aggregate the non-identifiable data and use this to analyse the success of our services and how we can continue to shape our services to help more families. This anonymous, aggregated data is also shared with funders and published in our annual charities return. Because our organisation is largely funded by grants and donations, there are strict reporting requirements on us and we use the aggregated non-identifiable data to prove that we have used funds received as promised. You can read more detail about how we use and store your personal information in our Privacy Policy.

Can I do the programme with my partner/sibling?

It is a really good idea for everyone who is impacted by the alcohol and/or other drug use of a loved one to all do the programme as then you are all on the same page. Most people prefer to do the programme on their own, with their own Accredited Practitioner, so they can focus on their own situation. But some prefer to do it as a couple. The 5-Step Programme can be delivered to a couple if the situation is appropriate, eg parents, partners, siblings. If you are not sure about what is right for you, we are happy to talk you through making the best choice for your situation.

I am the person using alcohol and/or other drugs. Can you help me?

Our service is specifically set up to help your family and friends manage the emotions and worries that come from watching someone they love using substances. There are other organisations set up to help you, and different organisations help with different substance/s. If you need help finding the right organisation, the Alcohol and Drug Helpline is a good starting point.

How long it will take for me to start the programme?

After applying for the programme, we aim to have an Accredited Practitioner contact you within two weeks.

Does the programme provide any resources/material?

A handbook with the content of the programme will be couriered to you along with a pack of additional evidence-based resources relevant to you and your unique situation.

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