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Alcohol and Intimate Partner Relationships: Research Study

Couple sitting on opposite sides of the bed, having trouble in their relationship

This UK report looks at the experiences and needs of adults who are affected by the drinking of an intimate partner.

It focuses on the tensions, harms and negative effects this drinking can have on a relationship, as well as the support available and the barriers to engaging with, and accessing, these services.

It builds on established research into alcohol and intimate partner violence, in order to expand on the issues surrounding relationships and alcohol.

Download PDF • 9.89MB

It delivers recommendations for policy, practice and further research, targeted at:

  • Government and policy makers; to improve the lives of those affected by the drinking of an intimate partner by enacting policy change.

  • Commissioners, service providers and healthcare professionals; to ensure the services and support delivered is effective.

  • Researchers and academics; to build on the findings from this report and achieve a wider understanding of the experiences of different groups of partners.

Report provided by Alcohol and Families Alliance.


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