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Dancing on a Razor’s Edge

Book. Dancing on a Razor's Edge, by Mandy Whyte

If New Zealander Mandy Whyte had listened to the 'experts', her son Hemi would probably be incarcerated, or dead.

After years of trying to convince him to get to rehab and after being told by various agencies to back off and wait for him to ask for help, she starting researching Hemi’s life and advances in the addiction industry to find out what she could to do to help her son, who was now an intravenous crystal meth user, regularly psychotic and facing eviction from his home and a lengthy prison sentence for crimes related to his addiction.

Realising he would never ask for help – because he couldn’t – she fought to get him into involuntary treatment.

When he was expelled from two rehabs she ‘home rehabbed’ him herself in Indonesia.

She is now an advocate for involuntary and family-led treatment of severe addicts.

ISBN 9780995110700


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