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Get Your Loved One Sober

Book. Get Your Loved One Sober, by Robert J Myers and Brenda L Wolfe

Co-author Dr. Robert Meyers spent ten years developing a treatment program that helps Concerned Significant Others (CSOs) both improve the quality of their lives and learn how to make treatment an attractive option for their partners who are substance abusers.

Get Your Loved One Sober describes this multi-faceted program that uses supportive, non-confrontational methods to engage substance abusers into treatment.

Called Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT), the program uses scientifically validated behavioural principles to reduce the loved one’s substance use and to encourage him or her to seek treatment.

Equally important, CRAFT also helps loved ones reduce personal stress and introduce meaningful, new sources of satisfaction into their life.

Dr. Meyers has worked in the substance abuse field for over 27 years and has published several books and dozens of articles.

ISBN 9781592850815


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